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GSRPC Live Race Results

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GSRPC Race Results

OB Race Results 2013

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You have come to the web site that gives you the ability to clock both races for your organization and Training Tosses for yourself for FREE !!!

Everyone knows about clocking Races online with some participating and some not. We go one step further by giving you the ability to clock Trainers the same way you clock Races, you simply Connect your Pigeon clock to the Internet and setup a personal Release Point and all Calculation are automatically generated from there.

All Bird information is Private and Available only to you - Upon Login you will see all your Bird information stored and you will also have the ability to see the information on all your trainers/races on a specific Bird over time

If you do not setup a release Point - No problem all you data will show normal trainer information (Bird x comes in at time y)

What do I need to get started -

1. You need to Create an Account on this Site

2. You need to be able to connect your clock to the internet

2.1 For Old Style clocks (Clocks with 2 Serial Ports) you Have 2 Options - Wire Less for $140.95 or Wired for $35.00

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WireLess Dongle (Available at $140.95)

Wired - Contact Sean Steen at

2.2 New Unikon Clock DO NOT Need any additonal cable (They come with a USB which is all that is required)

3. Download RealTime Clocking Application

4. Send me your Module ID and you Latitude and Longitude (If you do not have it call me and I will work it out)

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