By Ski Grabanski


I had an article in the Nov 2009 issue of the Digest called “THE VERY UNIQUE ELWIN ANDERSON”. This is a follow up on that article. Elwin turned 91 on January 14th, 2011.  I would like to list a few of Elwin’s accomplishments this past 2010 Old/YB season. In old birds, the club I belong to (Greater Seattle Club) decided to sponsor an annual race called “The Elwin Anderson PSF Old Bird Special”.  This race is only open to birds that were banded with Puget Sound Futurity Bands (PSF). The race was flown on 5/23 with 77 birds entered from 22 lofts. Well wouldn’t you know it, Elwin won the first race named in his honor. Not only did he win the race, but he won it with the same bird 09 PSF 2861 (Bred By Steve Sterchi) that won the 2009 YB futurity race. Elwin was also 1st Concourse at 290 miles with 335 birds and 43 lofts competing and was 4th High Point Loft this past Old Bird Season. 


In the 2010 YB season, Elwin once again gave us all a flying lesson. Elwin was 1st & 7th @ 110M against 578 birds, 12th @ 110M against 531 birds, 10th & 11th @ 142M against 550 birds, 14th @ 142M against 478 birds, 10th, 11th & 16th @ 185M against 430 birds, 12th & 16th @ 185M against 367 birds, 1st & 6th @ 205M with 366 birds competing, 11th & 21st @ 290M against 389 birds, 3rd @ 190M against 208 birds, 2nd High Point Loft and 1st High Point Bird all in the Evergreen concourse. The High Point YB (10 PSF 39) was bred by Elwin’s fellow club member Rollo Johnson . Then for the grand finale, the Puget Sound YB Futurity flown from 350 miles, Elwin cleaned our clocks again by placing 1st, 7th, 14th, 20th, 21st, & 22nd . There were 233 birds and 28 lofts competing. The winning bird (10 PSF 558) was bred by Clarence Pasque who belongs to the Greater Seattle Club.  This is the 2nd year in a row that Elwin has won this race.


I asked Elwin if he would share with us how he set his yb’s up during the last week before the futurity race to achieve such great results.  He smiled and said “I can tell you now, because the PSF was my last young bird race“.  He first would like to give credit to Randy Lewis of the Everett Club. Randy helped Elwin with the birds April through June and also to David Lewis (Randy’s son) who helped Elwin from July through the young bird season.  Elwin told me two weeks before the futurity race he trained his birds every day around 10 miles. He took them in every direction, but no further than 10 miles. He released them in small groups. Three days before the futurity race, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this is how he fed his birds. At the evening feeding, he would first give them the race mix, when they clean up the race mix, he gives them a hand full of Rape Seed, than a hand full of Milo, than a hand full of Safflower, than two hand full’s of Hemp and last about six Raw Spanish Peanuts per bird and than some more race mix. On Friday he only feeds once a day at 11:00AM. 


I asked Elwin what he thought was the ONE most important thing in young birds to be successful? He said to start training them early. He starts training them when they are 10 to 12 weeks old, or as soon as they start flying as a group. They do not have to route before he starts them down the road. His tosses at this time are only 2 or 3 miles. For more on Elwin’s system, please see the 2009 Nov. issue of the Digest.  


The 2010 season could very well be Elwin’s last year of flying. Elwin’s health has declined where he now has difficulty catching his birds.


Elwin would like me to mention that he has been a member of North Everett Lions Club for the past 54 years. He has been a Melvin Jones Fellow since 1992. This is an award for Dedicated Humanitarian Services and Elwin is very proud of this. He said anyone that belongs to the Lions Club would know what this award is and what an honor it is to receive it. He also would like me to tell you a funny story about his 25 year perfect attendance award he received. He was chuckling as he told me this. He said back in 1975 he had 19 years perfect attendance, when he took a trip to Africa. During his stay there, he did not attend a Lions Club meeting. But during his travels, he came upon a group of lions eating a buffalo, so when he returned home and went to the Lion Clubs meeting he told them while he was in Africa, he attended a Lions Feast and that is how he continued his perfect attendance. 


Elwin, congratulations from all off us on a great season and showing us younger guys how it’s done.


If you have any questions for Elwin, he can be reached at 425-259-1516.